Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mayor considers Capital Improved Value as an alternate to raise more rates

Mayor Lindsay Brown has indicated in his submission to the the NSW Legislative Council’s inquiry into local government his interest in considering a move away from land rates based on unimproved value to capital improved value, which refers to the total market value of the land and improved value of the property and that rate exemptions such as pensioner rebates should be reviewed for sustainability and equity

The ERA was surprised to learn that Mayor Lindsay Brown made a submission without any community consultation  to the NSW Legislative Council’s inquiry into local government.
You can find the full submission and the excellent Letter to the Editor (in full) by Kerry Foster on our ERA Media Release page:
Mr Mayor and Council:

When will community consultation start?

When will Council post a copy of Cr Brown’s statement to the NSW Legislative Council to the council website?

Will Council engage the community on the upcoming Review of Local Government Rates by IPART, and will Council inform the community that they too can make submissions?

Will Council ensure there is robust community debate about its proposition that rates are based on Capital Improvement Values?
The ERA Team

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